From being a Bus Conductor in a "pure water" factory to a Top-Rated Writer. Here's my story...

I worked in a pure water company in 2012, just a few months after writing my WAEC. I took up the job to be busy, while waiting for admission into the higher institution. I was able to make some money and I remember saving up the sum of 43,000 Naira, which I used to open a savings account with Fidelity Bank PLC in Enugu.


I would get an admission in the Federal College of Education, Eha-Amufu in Isi-Uzo LGA of Enugu State to major in the English Language & Literature (English Double Major). I completed my studies in 2015, worked in a private school as the English and Literature-in-English teacher from April 2016 to December 2018.

While teaching, I was able to develop interest in writing for people. I would bid for gigs and get some topics assigned to me. So, when I quit my teaching job, I went all in to freelance writing, majoring in writing blog posts.

How I got here:

✅ I developed an interest in writing.

✅ I practiced on my own, until I learned how to write like a PRO.

✅ I reached out to bloggers; asking to write for them.

✅ I signed up on freelance platforms to offer my services to clients outside the country and earn in USD ($$$)

✅ In a few years, between 2017 when I started to now, I have been able to write for many clients, including Weight Loss Riga (a bariatric surgery clinic in Latvia), InfoGuideNigeria, Mikano International (distributors of Mikano Generators) & a Printed Circuit Board (PCB) manufacturing company in the Peoples Republic of China.

All I had to do is write for them and get paid. Sounds easy, right? Let me let you into how it works.

The client will send me a topic. I will do my research about the topic. You don’t even need to know anything about the topic. All you have to do is look it up on Google and you will have lots of answers. With the information, you will write the content for that topic, using your own words. This is very important so you don’t write the same thing as what someone else has written.

These were some of the first set of topics I was assigned to work on…

When I saw the opportunities in just writing, I decided to sign up on the Upwork freelance platform. Things were going well until I lost access to my account. It was permanently suspended. I sent lots of emails but they didn’t agree to unlock the account.

Well, I cannot “fight” them. I then used my English name, “Jude” to open a new account, which I still use to date. Around September last year (2022), I was awarded the Top-Rated badge on Upwork. The badge signifies that I have done a great job for my clients, as well as earned over $5,000 within the time-in-view

I became  a Top-Rated Freelancer on Upwork. INCREDIBLE!

I was able to make that kind of comeback because I have the skill (writing), I know how to seek out new clients and I deliver excellently for every job I am assigned to do.

I began to make money. I mean hundreds of Dollars. See for yourself.

NOW, I want to show you how I moved from being a newbie to becoming an EXPERT writer who gets paid handsomely.


My name is Chukwukadibia Abah. I am an SEO Content Writer. I write blog posts for my clients. You know blog posts right? Those articles you read on websites when you are looking for information. Things like “how to do something.” “where to buy an iPhone.”

Yeah, stuffs like that. I write such posts and get paid for each one I write.

It is called SEO Content Writing. Here’s the process:

You will be given a topic to write on.

Check online on Google to get more ideas on what the topic is all about

Write the blog post, using your words.

Edit it, checking for grammar and spelling mistakes.

Submit to your client for review.

Get paid.

Rinse and repeat.

Chikena (that’s all)!

But there is a problem…

✅ You don’t know how to write.

✅ Even if you knew how, where do you bid for writing gigs?

✅ How do you ask to be hired for the job?

✅ What if you don’t know how to write? Does it mean you wouldn’t be able to make money from writing?

Don’t Worry. I’ve got the “antidote” to your problem…

In the last 6 years (counting from 2017), I have learned the tricks and tips of becoming a good SEO Content Writer.


I have mastered how to pitch myself as the BEST & get hired too.


I have now compiled all my 6+ years of experience into a single online video course.


The SEO Income Puller course teaches you how to start writing bit-by-bit.


The best way to build your portfolio (samples of your work which you send to prospective clients to help you stand a better chance of being hired).


The course shows you the best sites to use, how to apply for the jobs and what to do when you get hired so your work will be approved and you get hired again.

What some of my students have to say

I created the SEO Income Puller course for these reasons:

— To teach you the high-income skill of SEO content writing.

— Hold you by the hand as you start writing on a few topics to build your mastery.

— Show you the sites (up to 4 of them) where you can earn hundreds of thousands of Naira monthly from writing blog posts for people.

— Teach you how to “take the bull by the horn” and reach out directly to the clients that would need your writing services.

— Reveal how you can withdraw your earnings in USD and receive it as Naira here in Nigeria at a higher exchange rate.

Here are some of the things I covered in the course:

MODULE 1: In this module, I talk about the concept of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and the opportunities for you as a beginner, including the money-earning and networking opportunities.


MODULE 2: I broke down the basics of content writing, including the things you must do to be suitably-qualified for the job.


MODULE 3: In this module, I show you how to come up with content or topic ideas for your clients. They will appreciate you for this, because you will be saving them time.


MODULES 10&11: In these modules, I show you how to pick the right keywords for the content you are ranking. This is an effective way to help your clients rank for the topics and get people viewing the blog posts and taking the expected action.


MODULE 12: In this module I show you how to write blog posts, starting from how to choose a topic, do your keyword research, write the posts and optimize them to rank for the search terms.


MODULE 13: This module covers all you need to do to build your samples of work (portfolio). So, when a client asks for them, it will be easier to forward.


MODULE 14: I teach you how to edit your content in a way that the clients will accept the blog posts and not ask you to rewrite them.


MODULE 15: This module teaches you everything I have done to amass over $6,000 in earning on my new Upwork account writing blog posts for people and brands. I will teach you everything you need to know to get jobs that pay you at least $50 for a start.

MODULE 16: This module is where I show you how to upload blog posts on WordPress. Since most of your clients use the WordPress platform to build their sites and blogs, this module shows you how to publish their posts. What’s more? You get paid an additional amount to do this because it is extra work!


MODULE 17: In this module, I show you how to source for writing projects here in Nigeria. So, you will be earning in USD ($$$) vis Upwork and earning in Naira. Omo, see enjoyment!

How much is the SEO Income Puller (SIP) Course?

When I look at the value I delivered in this course, the information I shared, how I made the course beginner-friendly, and the highly-sought after skill of SEO Content Writing, which I am about to teach you; I feel justified to charge ₦150k or more for this course.

Not Gonna Lie (NGL), this is one of the best and easy-to-understand courses on SEO Content Writing that you will find out there.

I mean, I am handing you a blueprint of the writing skill that made me a Millionaire in 2020. See for yourself. My bank alert back then…

With this same SEO Content Writing skill I am teaching you in this course, I have been able to make hundreds of dollars, simply by researching and writing unique blog posts for my clients.


This same writing skill earned me a subcontract to write for MIKANO Generators, direct writing gig for InfoGuideNigeria, an ongoing writing contract for Entrepreneur Business Blog & a subcontract for Weight Loss Riga (a weight loss & bariatric surgery clinic in Riga, Latvia).

See nau. My evidence choke!

You see, this course worth more than ₦100k

But, it will cost you a paltry sum of ₦30,000 to get the SEO Income Puller (SIP) Course TODAY!

Still in doubt? See more of my payouts on Upwork alone…

My clients on Upwork rate me HIGH…

And the quality of my work reflects in my huge payouts…

Last ones, I promise

Away from Upwork. This is when I billed and received a payment of $500 from a Crypto startup for 1 blog post.

Note that this is a prerecorded course with over 70 easy-to-understand videos.

Once your payment is completed, you will be directed to the signup page to provide your details, such as full name, email address and password. Then, you will be asked to log into the site to access the course, start learning and implementing as you go.

The offer of 30,000 Naira is only for a limited time, because I will increase the price without notice. Click the button below to get it at the discount price of 30k.

In addition to getting access to the SEO Income Puller (SIP) Course, you’ll also get the following FOR FREE:

  • Support Groups on WhatsApp and Telegram. This is where we share important updates and I give additional mentorship. The worth is 50k but it’s free for YOU.
  • 3 eBooks I authored on how to use Upwork to source gigs, including how to optimize your profile and proposal templates when submitting applications for jobs. I sold these eBooks for 5k but I will give it you for FREE.
  • I offer LIVE VIDEO SESSIONS at intervals where we discuss some of the challenges you have and get real-time solutions. It is worth over 30k but you won’t pay for it.

Join other students today and make your first hundreds of thousands of Naira as a writer here in Nigeria.

This is the invoice of half a million Naira for a Nigerian client. I reached out to him and showed him why he needs my services. I will show you exactly how to do this.

What are you waiting for? Don’t you like to earn something like this:

Or this one?